Esclarecimento sobre a sucessão do Secretariado CSOI

Prezados e prezadas,

É com pesar que informamos que, por falta de equipe sucessora para assumir o Secretariado do CSOI no mandato de 2008, as atividades do centro estão temporariamente suspensas. Convidamos aqueles que se interessarem pelo trabalho a compor equipe e manifestarem-se o quanto antes.

ex-Secretariado CSOI.


Sessão 10/05 - Comission on Sustainable Development - "Drought, Land and Desertification"

Dear Colleagues,

On Saturday, May 10th, at 10 a.m. at A1 08, FA, the CSOI will promote a meeting of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), with the theme "Drought, Land and Desertification". The session will count with the participation of the CSD staff of the XI AMUN.

Possible topics for the discussion are listed further, as well as the countries and Major Groups that will be available for representation. We kindly ask those wanting to represent a specific country or group to mail us at csoi.unb@gmail.com.


Drought and impacts on hunger and poverty
Climate change, water scarcity and drought
Building resilience
Drought preparedness and response measures to drought
Monitoring and early warning-
Land and livelihoods
Climate change and land use change
Integrated land use planning and management
Information systems and tools for land use planning
Global dimensions of desertification
Desertification and poverty
Relationships between agricultural and pastoral practices and desertification
Land degradation and desertification
Monitoring and early warning of desertification
Impact of desertification on climate change

Countries/Major groups:

Mexico, Canada, Children and Youth, Women, Israel, United States, Egypt, France (speaking for the EU), China, Australia, India, Senegal

Best regards,

CSOI Secretariat